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Explore Our Office

Experience Grani’s office space with virtual reality technology for yourself.

Welcome to Virtual Reality Grani

The time to develop virtual reality (VR) technology is now. What if we replaced the Internet with VR and created a virtual reality of our corporate website? Our corporate IT website was created from cutting-edge VR technology. Accompanied by No.4, our artificial intelligence guide, experience the future for yourself by viewing our virtual office.


Scanning Technology

Grani adheres to its management philosophy of pursuing the cutting edge. We utilized laser scan technology and coordinate data of high-grade precision millimeter-units to faithfully reproduce our office. We believe point cloud technology will create and color the future of virtual reality.

Original Office Original Office
VR Office VR Office

Gaming Elements

We don't forget to have fun at Grani. We have scattered many mini games and hidden features within our virtual reality office tour, so please enjoy the discoveries and surprises!

  • We want to demonstrate that next step is three dimensions instead of two. More to say "space".

    • Shoji Fukunaga
    • Grani Inc, Co-Founder
  • In addition to the shorter time it takes, because we can construct now in VR, it is only a matter of time when offices will be replaced with VR.

    • VR Inside
    • JVRS2 Event Report